@2015 Nikko [CC BY 2.0]
In life I see myself overthink everything, education, family, relationships, and just life overall. I tend to to see the worst out of everything, making such low expectations that thoughts and ideas play tricks on the mind. I see this in everyday where people are unsure if they should commit or to not.

For example,  whenever I used to go up in the front of the class to present, sometimes with little preparation or a lot, I always had thoughts that the worse would happen, my classmates looking down upon my performance or the teacher giving out a low grade. However, none of these ever occurred, because my presentations were always up to par, and the grades of understanding teachers and applause from the class completely contrasted with the expected outcome.

Try not to overthink, because it can cloud the mind and increase stress. Stress which only leads to negative effects on the body and mind is an obvious needed hurdle when it comes to solutions. As Chuck Palahniuk once stated, “If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t”. From this quote, if a solution can’t be conjured, it seems right o simply attempt another task until the goal is reached as time will be wasted if continuing to overcomplicate the mind.

Moreover, overthinking is seen today as thinking harder, however this is not the case as the person doesn’t mediate himself in the present, but actually in the past and future. By not focusing on the now, the obsession and mental setbacks only will induce a rage which can’t be quenched. Furthermore, we see this a lot in writers to this day who tend to get infected with ‘Writer’s Block’ this epidemic is due to a loss in thought. This is due to fact, that the writer has pushed himself mentally to the limits, thus hindering his overall performance.

In all, sometimes in life we all will experience such a common phenomenon. Be it thinking about the past, future, or simply stressing about the various outcomes. Yet, in the end, if the whole world just simply took a breath and slowed down life problems would ease.

#stress #overthinking #outcomes


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